Create Your Own Supernatural Kitchen

  • Daniela will visit your home and organise your fridge, cupboards and pantry
  • Daniela will teach you how to cook & bake natural delicious meals & snacks for you and your family
  • Daniela will take you shopping for healthy natural foods
  • Learn what foods are best for you and your family
  • Learn how to make tasty healthy food that all the family will love
  • Exclusive food discounts

What Problems you May Be Facing

  • You want to eat healthy but don’t have a clue where to start
  • You don’t understand what food is good for you
  • You don’t know how to read food labels
  • You want to make healthy food that tastes amazing
  • You want your family to eat better
  • You don’t know where to buy healthy food from
  • You can’t cook

Who This Is Good For?

This is good for anyone who wants to learn and create their own healthy kitchen at home. This package is tailored to your own dietary requirements including gluten free, dairy free, keto, vegetarian, vegan etc.

How Does this Package Work?

This will begin with a call to discuss your individual needs and what meals/snacks you are looking to create in your home including any dietary requirements.

Daniela will then create a 7 day menu and recipe cards bespoke to your requirements which you will have to keep.

On the chosen day Daniela will come to your home and re-organise your fridge, pantry/cupboards to reflect your new dietary changes. She will then educate you on the types of food groups and requirements for you and your children.

She will then show you how to make a meal, smoothies, snacks that are in keeping with your dietary requirements. The day will then be finished with a trip to the shops to purchase the new ingredients. You will also be given exclusive discounts to online retailers for your new healthy nutritious foods.


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