• Get Your Sparkle Back Full MOT One-One Package
  • A 6 month 1-1 package designed to bring you back to optimal health.
  • This is a complete hand held concierge service.
  • 6 hours of 1-1 coaching. This can be either face-face or virtual.
  • Track It & Share It – your personal app so you & I can track your daily progress
  • Meal Plans & Food Guidance
  • Full Stress Assessment with a HRV Test
  • 2 x Functional Tests – this may include a stool test, comprehensive blood testing, nutritional analysis, food intolerance, toxicity report or hormonal analysis.

What Problems you May Be Facing

  • You struggle to maintain your weight
  • You lack energy
  • You don’t feel your best and don’t have a clue where to start
  • You have tired, dull skin
  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • You have digestive discomfort – sluggish/bloating
  • You feel trapped in a cycle you can’t break
  • You are frustrated you are eating healthy and working out – but feel no better
  • You have zero time for you

What This Package Is Good For?

  • Helping you feel energised
  • Helping you feel stronger, more capable and calm
  • Helping you to feel younger
  • Helping you to look better and brighter
  • Helping you to rekindle a relationship
  • Helping you to make time for you
  • Realising your needs matter and thats ok!
  • Giving you all the motivation and understanding you need to succeed!

This is a bespoke service that will dive deep into your health. From understanding what food is good for you, to what supplements you should be taking for your current situation, this full health analysis will help you understand the core of what makes you tick.

You will be completely hand-held every step of the way to keep you motivated so you will achieve your goals.

How Does this Package Work?

This package is a one-one coaching program designed to hold your hand through the 6 month process.
After your initial free call we will decide on the best protocol for your individual needs. You will begin by filing in an online assessment, and from this I will decide which tests are most suitable for you. Every patient of mine will undergo a HRV test, this is endorsed by Harvard Medical School and is a particular specialism of mine of which only a handful of practitioners in the UK are trained in. This is a quick, non-invasive tool to assess the current situation of your autonomic nervous system and will reveal how stressed your body is.

You will then undergo two functional tests which may include a stool test, urine test or a blood test. This will be individually prescribed based on your health needs. All your tests will be fully evaluated and interpreted for you to understand. I will assess all underlying stress and take an in-depth look at your nutrition from a micronutrient level to ensure the supplementation you take is adequate and appropriate for you.

As a personalised concierge package you will have the ability to track & share your day-day progress through your personal app to keep you motivated. We will then connect every 2 weeks for 30 minutes to assess your progress.

I will ensure you are fully supported throughout the whole process so you achieve that sparkle in your eyes and the energy in your step to feel totally inspired by life.


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