The Ultimate Day Away For Stressed Out Mums!

As a busy mum of two I know all too well the stress and strain we feel on a daily basis. I often describe the mornings as “ten rounds with Mike Tyson”, and then breathe, once they are through the school gates.
This stress takes a huge toll on our health, leaving us exhausted, overwhelmed and often grumpy, and so was born Rest, Digest, Retreat. A day away from it all, no kids, no partners, just like-minded women in a beautiful setting enjoying, relaxing, wellness tips, and of course lots of yummy healthy food.

This day is designed around the school clock, drop the kids and off you pop! The day starts at 9 and ends at 3.30, so whilst the “little angels” are at school you can have the most relaxing and inspiring day.


  • Breakfast and Lunch – as a nutritionist I’ve worked closely with the in-house Michelin star chefs to curate a menu that is deliciously healthy!
  • Invigorating Yoga Session (to kick start the day)
    This is being hosted by favourite yoga teacher Zak of Yoga Haven Solihull
    (he always has the best music accompanying the classes)
  • Relaxing Sound Bath
    This gives you the opportunity to truly relax, allowing the power of sound to take you into a state of deep relaxation.
    This session is hosted by expert Jenny Critchlow as featured in Natural Health Magazine
  • The Low Down on Probiotics Hosted by BioCare
    Biocare are one of the leading health supplement companies in the UK. They will talk all about your beneficial bacteria and how stress can damage this. You will learn from the experts how to improve yours and your health.
  • Rest & Digest Hosted by Daniela Lawler
    This session will take you through the journey of fight or flight and rest & digest. In order to heal the body we must be in rest & digest mode. You will learn how to achieve this through lifestyle and food choices.
  • A Complementary “Stress Test” for Every Attendee
    This is a heart rate variability test which is backed by Harved Medical School research. This simple 3-minute test reveals if your body is in rest & digest mode or fight or flight. The results are instant and will be fully interpreted, along with a second test at the end of the day so you can compare.
  • Goodie Bags
    You will receive a bag full of exclusive products that promote your health and wellbeing in your onward journey.
  • Exclusive Discount
    Sign up for one of my health packages before you leave and receive a 15% discount! This is exclusive to the event attendees only.

Cost £225

This event is currently postponed amid the COVID-19 CRISIS – please register your details for further info when the tickets are released.