I help to support mums through motherhood. Are you feeling exhausted, fatigued and generally overwhelmed with juggling day to day life as a mum? Is your health taking a hit? Worry no more, I’ve got you mama!

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Here Is What My Clients Are Saying

I had been suffering from severe digestive issues and other symptoms for a long time, and could barely eat without intense pain. I was surviving on a handful of foods and had lost a stone and a half in weight. I had been tested by a previous nutritionist, who had subsequently closed her practice, and so I knew the root cause. I was searching on the internet for another BANT trained therapist to carry on working with me, and as I live in the middle of nowhere I was looking for a nutritionist who offered Skype sessions.

As soon as we connected over the internet I felt comfortable with Daniela. She is a fountain of knowledge and is also respectful and supportive of my wishes. She recommended some natural supplements and a specific nutritionally rich diet for me which, after some trepidation at the start, I have embraced wholeheartedly. As a result I am pain free, eating a lot more foods types, steadily gaining the weight back, and feeling so much healthier. I have a way to go yet before complete health is restored but I know I will get there with Daniela’s guidance and support. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Fiona G. Mid 40’s

I’m writing a review about Daniela because I can’t recommend her enough for what she has done for me and my gut health. When I started with her my diet was not great I was suffering with bloating and constipation and she has helped me in so many ways. I am no longer constipated, I have so much more energy, and feel healthier than ever.

She gave me so much information, diet plans, lab testing & results which were all explained, natural supplement recommendations and ongoing support which has been amazing for me and my heath. I now eat a much healthier diet and I am much more aware of what I am eating and the importance of the microbiome for the health of my digestive system. I can’t imagine not having Daniela as my health and nutritionist and I will continue to have regular consultations to keep me on track with my health. I can’t recommend Daniela enough she’s such an inspirational lady and the support and hope she has given me has been priceless.


Daniela, my nutritionist helped me with my thyroid problem as I do not believe it can be successfully controlled with medication alone. I believe diet has a large role to play with thyroid disorders so I elected to see a nutritionist privately in Birmingham.

Daniela requested a full thyroid profile lab test along with a Vitamin D blood test. I had the results and it was found that I was very deficient in Vitamin D where the result was 29 nmol/L and the thyroid profile suggested I had Hashimoto’s Disease which was never explained to me by my NHS consultant. At no time was it determined that I was so low in Vit D my by NHS consultant. I began vitamin D replacement, a diet that was gluten free and dairy free and within 3 months my thyroid is back to normal and the Carbimazole medications I was on has been stopped after seeing the NHS consultant on Thursday. I believe the NHS need to look more closely at the relationship between diet and thyroid /auto-immune diseases. I am thrilled how quickly Daniela was able to find this issue and I am now symptom free.

Glynn, mid-60’s

I took my 8 year old son Milo to see Daniela following years of suffering from bowel issues & constipation which had started to affect him both socially and emotionally. Visits to the GP left me frustrated leaving each time with different prescriptions but no answer as to why an otherwise heathy child with a reasonably good diet should be suffering in this way.

During our consultation Daniela was able to look at the root cause of his issues and suggest a treatment plan to improve his symptoms. She included Milo in all discussions so he felt involved in the process and fully understood why he needed to remove certain things from his diet. After just a couple of weeks his discomfort had eased and I’m thrilled to say he’s now symptom free. He’s able to go on sleepovers & days out without the anxiety that we all felt and he surprises me every day with the responsibility that he has towards his own diet. I really can’t thank Daniela enough for her help and only wish we’d done this sooner.

Milo, 8 years old

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To claim your Free Discovery Call simply click on the button below and enter your details.