• State of the art Heart Rate Variability Testing
  • Evidence based and endorsed by Harvard Medical School
  • Non-invasive, quick with immediate results
  • Treatment therapies can be started immediately

What Problems you May Be Facing

  • You have tried diet and exercise regimes before but nothing works
  • You lack energy and look older than your time
  • You are stressed and not sleeping well
  • You have zero time to implement dietary changes

What Are Mitochondria and What
is Mitochondrial Therapy ® ?

Mitochondria are known as the power house of our cells. They are responsible for making energy in the form of ATP, the energy currency of the body. If our Mitochondria cannot make energy efficiently cells begin to die, and this is the underlying cause of ALL disease, failed Mitochondria.

Mitochondrial Therapy ® was first brought to the UK in 2010 by Sheri Dixon, a registered Nutritional Therapy Consultant, after a chance meeting with Russian Scientist & Anti-ageing specialist Dr Kucera in 2009. Mitochondrial Therapy ® was born from the Mitochondrial Medicine discovered by Dr.Kucera and team.

Who This Is Good For?

This is great for individuals that have tried diet and exercise regimens and don’t seem to get anywhere, your body doesn’t seem to respond. It is great for individuals who do not have time to implement dietary changes. You may have had a lot of past stress in your life so your body has been damaged as a result. This is a great reset.

It is naturally anti-ageing, is a powerful antioxidant and helps to bind heavy metals.

*This is a test only and does not include supplements for the program. This does not include any dietary recommendations or coaching.
This is suitable for all ages.

How Does this Package Work?

You will fill in a basic questionnaire prior to your appointment. On the day you will be hooked up to the HRV machine which will take a digital recording, much like an ECG. This is a non-invasive and pain-free test. Your results will be interpreted to you and your appropriate treatment plan discussed.

£100 per test

Supplements are on average £120pm

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