The Platinum Package

  • This all inclusive 3 month package includes 1-1 coaching with Daniela for 3 months, personal training sessions, chef prepared meals, lab testing and all recommended health supplements.
  • The option of 2 or 3 meals per day including snacks prepared and delivered to your door by a chef
  • Your menu is curated by myself with a chef in-line with your dietary recommendations
  • 30 x 1 hour Private Personal Training Sessions
  • 30 minute follow up calls every week to check you are reaching your goals
  • 2 x private functional tests to investigate how well your body is functioning – this may include a stool test to see how well your digestion is working, looking at your vitamin & mineral status, a look at how well you are detoxifying, or maybe a comprehensive blood test with an at home visit from a nurse to administer your test.
  • A fully personalised supplement regime including the supplements.
  • Access to your own app portal to see your recommendations wherever you are.

What Problems you May Be Facing

  • You lack energy
  • You don’t feel your best & don’t have a clue where to start
  • You have tired, dull skin
  • You are stressed & overwhelmed
  • You have digestive discomfort-sluggish/bloating
  • You struggle to maintain your weight
  • You don’t have the time to make healthy tasty meals
  • You struggle to maintain an exercise plan

What this package is good for

  • You have zero time and you want to be completely hand held
  • You want to take all the stress out of reaching your goals
  • You don’t know how to exercise effectively
  • You want to eat tasty, gourmet, healthy meals completely tailored to you
  • You want to feel the best you!

How this Package Works

This is a high end completely bespoke package. As well as diving deep into your health, you will be given all the correct tools to get you to your goals.

You will begin your journey by filling in an online assessment, and from this I will decide which tests are best suited to you. This could include a comprehensive stool test to look at your microbiome, and your digestive system, or maybe a nutritional profile to have a closer look at your vitamin & mineral status, or lets see what foods your body is reacting to, or even a comprehensive blood test, looking at specific biomarkers of health, all in the comfort of your own home with a visit from a private nurse.

Once your results are in they will be fully interpreted and evaluated and a health plan going forward to suit your individual needs will be devised. This will include the development of dietary specific meal plans with your personal chef. You will have the choice of having lunch, dinner and snacks, 7 days a week included. This can be reduced or increased to include other members of the family.

To ensure you are hitting your movement goals you will work with your own highly qualified personal trainer in a private gym.

A personalised supplement plan will be devised in accordance to your test results and what you are trying to achieve. All supplement recommendations are high quality, natural, and never synthetic.

You will then connect with me every week for 30 minutes to discuss your progress. This ensures your journey is dynamic and as unique as you.
You will gain access to your own unique portal on an app, to ensure all your recommendations are always at your finger tips.

To discuss this package further please sign up for your no-obligation 30 minute free discovery call.

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